Bitcoin earning tricks 2017

Faucets are one of many ways to earn bitcoin. Before you can get bitcoin online, just create a wallet or Coinbase.  So how do faucets work? By just putting your bitcoin address and filling out the captcha, you get paid. Tip: There are hundreds of scam sites which are not paying you anything. Do not waste time with these kind of sites. Sites listed on are manually tested and paying!  

Directly to your wallet

Join or Coinbase to create you bitcoin wallet.   Get direct pay with these faucets:
  1. 100+ every hour - Freebitco with a chance to get really huge jackpot
  2. 100+ a day - Moonbit with really nice daily loyalty bonuses, offer bonuses and other bonuses
  3. 100+ a day - Fieldbitcoins

High paying Faucethub faucets

Register at Faucethub first! Once registered, add your bitcoin address created with or coinbase and you are ready to go. Here is a small list to earn free bicoins instantly:
  1. 100 satoshi every 15 min - yourfreecoin
  2. 50 satoshi every 10 min - ioanbtc
  3. 100 satoshi every 30 min - gr8
  4. 100 satoshi every 60 min - bitmmgp
  5. 175 satoshi every 1440 min - topbtcsites

Best FaucetSystem faucets

First join FaucetSystem. Like FaucetHub, you need to register first and add you bitcoin adress to get paid. Check out some of the highest paying faucets:
  1. 180 satoshi every 60 min - bitcomem
  2. 100 satoshi every 1440 min - rotobuddy
  3. 150 satoshi every 60 min - bitcotraffic
  4. 175 satoshi every 1440 min - topbtcsites
Some things you need to do before you get your free bitcoin:
  1. Get your bitcoin wallet ( for example)
  2. Register at ePay, Faucethub. io and These are services most faucet owners use. You can get satoshi from a faucet that it goes to for example ePay and when you reach the treshold, you can get it directly to your wallet and sell BTC for real $$$
  3. When you find a faucet, be aware what kind of payout it supports. If it supports ePay, you must first register your bitcoin address at ePay.
  4. So start with the list:
  5. You should have made some bitcoin. For more satoshi just leave your email above and get daily fresh lists.
Claiming bitcoin is a completely FREE with bitcoin-faucets paying out up to 2000 satoshi every 10 minutes . Each time you visit the faucet you will receive a random amount of satoshi selected.